Create Your Personal Vision

Since publishing The Inside-Out Effect in 2013, one of the exercises that has resonated most with our readers, clients, and friends is the personal vision exercise we take people through in the first section of the book. The exercise is a straight-forward but often profound set of questions that backbone the core of the book's central thesis: we lead most effectively and fulfillingly when we do so from a place of deep self-knowledge and ongoing self-awareness. 

Over the years, we've found this exercise to have an especially big impact for people during inflection moments--you know, those weeks and months leading up to a potential life change where you find yourself really grappling with the question: "what's next?" We're humbled by the number of conversations we've had with people who've shared how stabilizing, clarifying, and relieving this exercise was as they attempted to navigate the sometimes dizzying experience of figuring out where to go or what to do next. We've made it available to you here (just fill out the form above) in hopes that it brings you a similar sense of clarity during your current leadership or personal journey. If you let it, this exercise will help you build a compass that you can hold up to any situation and have it point in the direction that you most want to go. We're excited for what you'll discover.


Note: As you'll see in the exercise, we recommend talking through your answers and reflections with someone who can listen with an open and curious mind and help you dig into patterns in your responses. Sometimes folks prefer to have those conversations with a professional coach like Michael (especially helpful as he is the author of the book and the exercise). If you're interested in having him help you get the most out of this exercise, he's available for 1-2 hour packages at $450 per hour. Please send a quick note here if interested.