We help rising leaders build the skills they need to succeed - in every sense of the word. 

Our clients make drastic improvements in the way they communicate and execute with their teams, transform the way they present to large groups, transition smoothly from being a contributor to a manager, ably navigate role and career transitions, and see marked productivity increases in both their professional and personal lives.


One-on-one leadership coaching is at the heart of what we do. We help our clients grow their leadership capacity by pushing them on their goals, providing accountability, and offering helpful techniques and tools along the way. Our one-on-one coaching results in leaders who are more self-aware, productive, and interpersonally skilled.

Team development

With engagements ranging from helping co-founders overcome early obstacles, to working with larger teams to develop new skills and norms of productive interaction, we have a deep-rooted philosophy to team development that emphasizes experiential learning and sustained support and coaching that delivers lasting results.


Michael Terrell has been leading group workshops and giving speeches about intentional leadership for nearly 10 years. He brings a spritz of humor, contagious energy, and a bevy of actionable-now insights into every talk. Favorite topics include: Getting the Most out of Your Millennial Team and Developing Authentic Leadership.

What People Are Saying

I look forward to each and every session with Michael because I know I will walk away more confident, empowered, and prepared to tackle the difficult conversations and challenges ahead.
— Lily Cheng, Senior Strategist, Jump Associates
After working with Michael, my business is booming, my relationships are thriving, and I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled in my entire life. I know that Michael always has my back and I hope to continue to work with him for many years.”
— Andrew Bellay, Founder and CEO, MetaNeer Labs
I found myself in need of Michael’s help when my cofounder unexpectedly left our company. Michael’s greatest strength lies in his ability to listen and see through people’s emotions to get to what they are really saying.
— CEO, Stealth-Mode Startup
Michael is exceptional at what he does. He is open, honest, challenging, and made me feel at ease when we talked about sensitive topics. Working with him was a fun process and deeply insightful.
— Wolf von Laer, Ph.D. Candidate, King's College London
I first met Michael during our session at StartX, the Stanford University accelerator program. He came to speak about company culture and effective communication. Michael’s advice helped me identify areas where and how communication among team members could be improved, which helped us execute better as a team.
— Scott Zimmerman, CEO, Xola
Michael provided us the environment that allowed us to discuss our personal objectives and how best to move forward with our company. I would highly recommend Michael to any entrepreneur who is building out their team.
— Start-up Weekend Winner
I think of Michael as what The Mirror, Mirror on The Wall should have been – he has a nose for what should be discussed, and is highly effective at reflecting, honing and challenging your insights on that topic to facilitate self improvement.
— Chetan Jhaveri, Former Consultant, Gates Foundation

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