The Terrell Leadership Group is a leadership consulting and coaching firm founded by Michael Terrell that specializes in helping develop the most audacious and effective under-40 leaders in the world. We work at the one-on-one and team levels to help our clients grow their awareness, communication, and impact.


At TLG, we believe that our clients are capable of incredible things. We believe each of them has the potential to continuously learn and grow, contingent upon their ability in three core areas:

  1. The way they lead themselves
  2. The way they lead others
  3. How they respond to the way others lead

We know that as our clients develop in these three areas, they become both more effective and more fulfilled. They lead more powerfully. They follow more graciously. And they are more influential in both their professional and personal lives.

In the process, they create more successful organizations, high-functioning teams, and meaningful one-on-one relationships. Though growth in these areas requires effort and commitment, it is one of the most worthwhile things leaders can do for their organizations and themselves.


We specialize in working with top-tier young leaders. We help these talented people grow their already strong skill set by developing their self-awareness, empathy, decision-making, and communication skills--abilities that become increasingly crucial as their teams and organizations grow.

We bring years of insight into what it means to be a next-generation leader-–after all, Michael is under 40 himself! We bring that passion--and pinch of youthful irreverence--to every one of our engagements.


Our mission is to measurably and meaningfully improve organizations by helping people develop themselves in the three core areas mentioned above. Using one-on-one coaching, experiential group training/coaching, and keynote speeches and workshops, we develop our clients into more emotionally intelligent and influential leaders. Among other things, we help our clients achieve:

  • Greater clarity & purpose
  • Higher personal & organizational morale
  • Better processes for collaboration and decision-making
  • Stronger organizational culture
  • Improved ability to coach others
  • Enhanced self-awareness & self regulation
  • Greater confidence & charisma
  • Better motivational & presentation abilities
  • Greater feedback skills
  • Greater difficult-conversation & "repair" skills
  • Lower manager-related employee turnover