"I first met Michael during our session at StartX, the Stanford University accelerator program. He came to speak about company culture and effective communication. I was struck by how thoughtfully he spoke about the nuances of effective communication and how company culture is defined as much by what we do not do, as it is defined by what we do. I admittedly had not given much attention to shaping company culture, though was urged to consider how this is one of the most valuable assets of a young startup. A company with strong vision and invigorating culture is as important as the ideas you pursue. Michael's advice helped me identify areas where and how communication among team members could be improved, which helped us execute better as a team."

- Scott Zimmerman, CEO, Xola


"Michael is an amazing coach, trusted mentor, and friend. Before he and I started working together my company was failing, I had run out of money, my relationships were degrading, and I felt completely overwhelmed. Michael helped me weather the storm, put a plan in place, and kept me accountable - ultimately helping me make tough decisions that I would have never made on my own. With Michael's support, I started a new business that was designed around my personality and needs. I work far less than I used to and I'm on pace for a seven-figure revenue number in 2015 after only 12 months of operation. Now, my business is booming, my relationships are thriving, and I've never been happier and more fulfilled in my entire life. I know that Michael always has my back and I hope to continue to work with him for many years."

- Andrew Bellay, Founder & CEO, MetaNeer Labs 


"I found myself in need of Michael’s help when my cofounder unexpectedly left our company. Michael served as an excellent sounding board as I worked through the situation and he helped me strategize a favorable resolution. Michael’s greatest strength lies in his ability to listen and see through people’s emotions to get to what they are really saying. This skill allows him to effectively formulate solutions that are both fair to all sides and leave all stakeholders feeling heard."

- CEO, Stealth-Mode Startup


"After only six sessions, Michael helped me to grow as a person in significant ways. Together we developed strategies to counterbalance my tendency to over-focus on the negative, to better manage my energy, and to improve my overall productivity while enjoying life more. I am grateful for the time I had with Michael. He is exceptional at what he does. He is open, honest, challenging, and made me feel at ease when we talked about sensitive topics. Working with him was a fun process and deeply insightful. I strongly recommend Michael's work to everyone who wants to grow as a leader!"

- Wolf von Laer, Ph.D. Candidate, King's College London, All-Around German Badass

"I could not recommend working with Michael more. Over the three months we worked together, he helped me dig in and get clear about what I value and what contribution I want to make to the world at large--work that has touched both my personal and professional lives. Personally, he helped me turn a strong intuition into a clear path forward. I realized that my personal life (i.e., family, friends, self) is my long-term key priority and it was powerful to to have that brought into clarity. Professionally, I am now moving with confidence to starting a company I have been considering for over a year but kept backing away from. Michael helped me see that pursuing your passions is critical--and that doing so intelligently is the best way to achieve real success. Michael's passion, talent, and skill all came together to help me get so much out of our work together. He brought a complete presence to every conversation--he listened, asked the right questions, pushed back, and pushed me to think more clearly and confidently about who I am and the life I want to lead. I would strongly recommend working with Michael. The support and direction he provides in your journey will be invaluable."

- John Nantz, Founder, Redwood Prep


"Michael has the rare gift of allowing the client to steer the conversation and develop insights, and yet he very much adds value and amplifies insights along the way. Many times I bring up things with him in the course of conversation that I am not necessarily expecting to be a centerpiece of an interesting conversation, and yet he senses the value, stops to make sure we discuss, and helps me shape my reflections. Conversely, sometimes I bring up things I know are important, and he pivots the conversation in a new and insightful manner. I think of Michael as what The Mirror, Mirror on The Wall should have been – he has a nose for what should be discussed, and is highly effective at reflecting, honing and challenging your insights on that topic to facilitate self improvement."

- Chetan Jhaveri, Former Consultant, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


"Michael has been a phenomenal coach and mentor. He is one of the best listeners I have ever met. Over the course of weeks, Michael helped me get unstuck and make progress on a difficult issue that I had faced for half of a year without much success. I look forward to each and every session with Michael because I know I will walk away more confident, empowered, and prepared to tackle the difficult conversations and challenges ahead."

- Lily Cheng, Senior Strategist, Jump Associates


"Working with Michael and his team was an incredible experience. Most startups fail due to founder relationship issues, and Michael provided us the environment that allowed us to discuss our personal objectives and how best to move forward with our company.  I would highly recommend Michael to any entrepreneur who is creating or building out their team."

- Startup Weekend Winner


"Michael brought creativity and energy to an audience of similarly creative and energetic teens. I have collected feedback from over 90 of this year's attendees and while they have participated in many leadership seminars during their years of leadership in high school, they gave this program rave reviews. Michael provided a balance between thoughtful exercises and activities to keep them engaged and curious enough to stay with him over a two-day, four hours per day program."

- Patti Ross, VP, Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation