Outside of 1:1 coaching, we also spend a lot of our time helping build high-functioning teams. Our engagements range from helping co-founders overcome early challenges, to working with larger teams on their processes and norms, to designing and facilitating high-stakes board or executive meetings. We have a deep-rooted philosophy to team development that emphasizes experiential learning coupled with sustained support and coaching that delivers meaty and lasting results.

We work with...

  • Teams striving to have incredibly efficient and effective processes.
  • Teams wanting to improve their interpersonal dynamics, norms, and skill.
  • Teams that know it's finally time to have that long avoided conversation about how we work together.
  • Teams wanting to powerfully and successfully navigate an inflection point in their lifecycle.
  • Teams seeking a skilled process facilitator for a high stakes presentation or meeting.

If you and your team would like to find out more about what we could build together, reach out here.

I found myself in need of Michael’s help when my cofounder unexpectedly left our company. Michael served as an excellent sounding board as I worked through the situation and he helped me strategize a favorable resolution. Michael’s greatest strength lies in his ability to listen and see through people’s emotions to get to what they are really saying. This skill allows him to effectively formulate solutions that are both fair to all sides and leave all stakeholders feeling heard.
— CEO, Stealth-Mode Startup