TLG’s principal consultant and founder, Michael Terrell, has been leading group workshops and giving speeches about intentional leadership for nearly 10 years. He brings a contagious energy, real-talk humor, and bevy of actionable insights to every one of his talks. Some of his favorite topics include: Leading from the Inside-Out, Getting the Most out of Your Millennial Team, Effective Feedback, Making Change Stick, The Challenge of Sustained Self-Awareness and Vision, and Authentic Public Speaking.

I first met Michael during our session at StartX, the Stanford University accelerator program. He came to speak about company culture and effective communication. I was struck by how thoughtfully he spoke about the nuances of effective communication and how company culture is defined as much by what we do not do, as it is defined by what we do. I admittedly had not given much attention to shaping company culture, though was urged to consider how this is one of the most valuable assets of a young startup. A company with strong vision and invigorating culture is as important as the ideas you pursue. Michael’s advisory helped me identify areas where and how communication among team members could be improved, which helped us execute better as a team.
— Scott Zimmerman, CEO, Xola