Michael Terrell believes true growth happens where insight, effort, and a willingness to try something new intersect. As the founder and managing partner of the Terrell Leadership Group, he loves helping his leaders achieve this growth in ways that have measurable impacts on their company cultures, business outcomes, professional and personal relationships, and well-being. In addition to his industry work, Michael facilitates learning groups for one of the most popular courses at the Stanford Graduate School of Business called Interpersonal Dynamics, where he helps MBA students develop awareness and communication skills that serve them powerfully in their next phases of leadership. Michael holds a degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University where he was a Mayfield Fellow. When Michael's not doing fulfilling work with his clients, you can find him trekking through San Francisco with his Australian Shepherd, Charlie, reliving the glory days playing city-league basketball, and belting along to his latest Spotify playlist while driving throughout the Bay Area.

Glenn Terrell is former startup founder and CEO with specific expertise in building national teams and enterprises and the underlying processes that create extraordinary internal teams and leaders. As a principal at Terrell Leadership Group, he coaches talented people to become even more effective and fulfilled in their leadership roles. Over the course of his career, he's had success and he's had failure, and ironically, he's learned more from the latter.  He's also learned this: if we're willing to listen, we'll find that the universe is always pushing us to be more awake and conscious of who we are and why we are here.  As we listen, we can overcome the fear-based resistance within us that creates our pain, and experience true growth and transformation. This realization has helped him conclude that there is no amount of success, fame or recognition that can replace having your soul intact and knowing you are living your life authentically.  That is rare in any world -- and it is at the heart of what he brings to this work.