The Inside-Out Effect is a book about personal transformation and authentic leadership development. It reveals powerful lessons on leadership and achieving your full potential as taught at Stanford University’s Graduate and Executive Education Program. It draws upon cutting-edge neuroscience and the latest research from behavioral psychology and organizational development to create a comprehensive guide for leaders at any level to reinvigorate their lives and the lives of those they affect by pursuing inner-outer alignment. Whereas many books in the leadership development space focus on a series of “quick-fix” techniques or on emulating famous faces, this book begins and ends with understanding and cultivating yourself. When you begin to live and lead in alignment with your authentic self, you embark on a powerful journey toward fulfillment and reaching your full potential. You are happier and you perform better.

Truly living inside-out can be a challenging journey. As the former CEO of Medtronic Bill George acknowledges, “Becoming an authentic leader is not easy. First you have to understand yourself, because the hardest person you’ll ever have to lead is yourself.” Once you get past that though, the doors open up. He continues, “Once you have an understanding of your authentic self, you will find that leading others is much easier.” Phrased another way: once you find and begin living your personal why?, the what? and how? of your leadership are much easier. That’s what this book is all about.