Build Your Emotional Intelligence: A New Opportunity for Startup Leaders

Anyone who leads a startup knows just how taxing and emotionally challenging it can be to manage and motivate a diverse, fast-growing team. It requires patience, awareness, and—as I often write about—a bevy of emotional intelligence.

While there is no quick or easy way to "hack" the emotional intelligence required to lead a startup, I am incredibly excited to announce a new opportunity for you to significantly raise your self-awareness and develop more effective interpersonal skills over the course of a single weekend: T-Groups for Startups.

Everything you need to know is on that site, but here are several of the most important details:

Our T-Group For Startups Weekend is:
– open to any startup leader (founder, CEO, or anyone else who leads a team within a startup) from any size/stage of venture
– facilitated by two startup coaches (myself and the wonderfully talented Anamaria Nino-Murcia) who also facilitate T-Groups at the the Stanford Business School
– the only T-Group weekend designed exclusively for startup leaders

Curious to hear what other founders learned in their T-Groups? Check out this video.

Applications for this powerful experience are now open.

Please reach out with any questions by emailing me at